Management Style: Planning and Organizing Your Move

Springtime is a great time for organizing your possessions and getting ready to right-size your life!

However, if the thought of doing that gives you pause, join our upcoming webinar to get back on track. Patricia Gabal, Certified Relocation and Transition Specialist™ from Stardust Move Managers, will provide tips on sorting, packing and moving to help you smoothly make the transition from your current home to your luxurious new home.


About this Event


This Virtual Session Will Cover:

  • What Is a Senior Move Manager?: Moving can be a daunting task—a Senior Move Manager specializes in helping seniors and their families through the process.
  • Developing a Moving Plan: It is important to develop a plan for your move to efficiently relocate from one space and fit everything perfectly into your new home.
  • Organizing, Sorting and Downsizing: How to package, sort and store items.
  • Unpacking and Setting Up: Unpacking and settling into your new home.
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