Mary Camilli-Bernat

Lifestyle Director
Mary Camilli-Bernat

Lifestyle Director Mary Camilli-Bernat oversees all the lifestyle activities and programs available at Edgehill. Her career began on Wall Street and made a shift when Mary earned a Master of Social Work from Fordham University and began working with the senior population in 2009. She has been at Edgehill since 2014.

Mary’s journey has helped her to build a strong sense of community through communication and adapting Edgehill’s programs to best suit the wishes of our residents. Her ability to grow a culture based on in-person human connection and to learn from one another is what makes her invaluable to both our associates and residents.

It is her great joy to put on an event, sponsor a program or organize an interactive lecture and see the delight on resident’s faces.

“I always found myself gravitating toward the seniors. I love their viewpoint on life, their wisdom and their attitude.”

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