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Lifecare offers the feeling of confidence and security, knowing you have a plan for the future as your healthcare needs change.

Enjoy the ability to maintain your independence while providing aid and extra care with the full continuum of care if it becomes necessary.

Benefits of Lifecare:

Wellness Services
More Predictable Costs
Continuum of Care
Tax Benefits
Asset Protection
Available only at a Type A CCRC

Do you have additional questions about CCRCs and Lifecare?

Get answers to all your questions by exploring some of our frequently asked questions about the benefits of considering Edgehill as a part of your future. We always welcome further conversation over the phone or during a tour of the community.

  • What is a CCRC?

    A Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) offers living options and on-site amenities for seniors who want to remain in one place as they go through the aging process. At a CCRC, you could start in independent living and later get expanded care or move into assisted living as the need arises. A CCRC provides services to residents for the full continuum of care.

  • Why choose a CCRC?

    CCRCs have many advantages for seniors, including carefree, maintenance-free living. No raking, no shoveling, no home repairs: we take care of it. Residents at a CCRC are surrounded by like-minded people, so there are stimulating social opportunities. Also, there are wellness and fitness programs, amenities, dining and access to a full range of health services.

  • What is Lifecare?

    Lifecare provides access to a continuum of care with on-site assisted living, memory care, sub-acute rehabilitation and long-term skilled nursing at a predictable monthly rate for life that is in accordance with what you pay for independent living. With the rising costs of long-term health care, this plan offers peace of mind for the future because if you ever need care, you will always know what you will pay and who will provide it. You will also know that once accepted into the Lifecare program, we will work with you on an appropriate payment plan if you have an inadvertent financial setback.

  • What if my − or my partner’s − care needs change?

    Another benefit of Lifecare is that if you and your loved one have differing care needs, your partner can receive the care they need, and you may stay in the independent living, assisted living, memory care or skilled nursing residence. You will pay one monthly fee.

  • What if I need care, but my partner does not?

    You will never pay two different fees for care at Edgehill. With a Lifecare contract, you will receive the health care you need, and you and your partner will not have to move from the apartment home you have both come to love. Even if one partner is in assisted living, memory care or nursing care and the other is in the original apartment home, you only pay the monthly fee for your apartment home, plus the cost of two extra meals.

  • When is the right time to invest in Lifecare?

    Residents must demonstrate adequate physical health to qualify for a Lifecare plan, so it is best to take advantage of Lifecare while you are still healthy and independent. Care coverage will begin as soon as you need it and will continue for the rest of your life.

  • What are the types of CCRC contracts?

    All CCRCs offer residential housing and amenities, but the range and cost of on-site services vary widely. A Lifecare community, such as Edgehill, is a CCRC that offers access to full-service residences and a wide range of amenities and programs and access to long-term care, including assisted living, memory care, rehabilitation or skilled nursing should the need arise. Other plans may not offer the same comprehensive package, so understanding the differences in other options will help you make the right decision for you and your family.

    There are three types of CCRC contracts: Type A (Edgehill), Type B, and Type C. Each has different financial implications and level of services, so it is essential to know the differences.

  • What is a Type A CCRC?

    With a Type A contract, you pay an entrance fee which is partially refundable to you or your estate when you leave. Edgehill is a Type A Lifecare Community. At Edgehill, the refund is 90% of the principal portion of the entrance fee. There is also a monthly service fee. Care is available at predictable rates throughout the full continuum of care. In short, when you choose the Type A option at Edgehill, we will care for you for the rest of your life.

  • What is a Type B CCRC?

    These communities provide a residence, services and amenities. Assisted living and skilled nursing care are typically offered in one of two ways: with a limited number of free days of care, as part of the entrance fee, with additional care billed at market rates per service, or an ongoing, minimally discounted rate for care services. Health care services may be available on or off-site, and two monthly fees may be incurred if couples require different levels of care.

  • What is a Type C CCRC?

    Type C is a fee-for-service community; housing, services and amenities are provided under the resident agreement. Access to long-term health care, as needed, is typically guaranteed but charged at fee-for-service market rates. If care is required on a short-term basis, to maintain the independent living residence, the resident would be required to pay the monthly fee on that residence, plus the costs of housing and health care received in the assisted living or skilled nursing residence.

  • Is a Lifecare CCRC right for me?

    Waiting until a health crisis strikes forces you to move, limits your choices in retirement living and will cause you to lose the benefits of living in a Lifecare community like Edgehill. Why not enjoy your retirement, knowing you have planned well and taken control of your future? With Lifecare, you can access a variety of healthy, active lifestyle choices and practically limitless opportunities for social, spiritual, and personal growth.

  • Are there tax benefits to a Lifecare CCRC?

    Substantial tax benefits may be available. As always, you should consult with your tax or financial advisor to guide you through the details of potential deductions. Several rulings by the United States Internal Revenue Service have established that a portion of your entrance fee and monthly fees may be deductible as a pre-paid medical expense. So, you could take advantage of the tax benefits even if you live independently, requiring little or no health care.

  • What services are included with the monthly fee?

    Your monthly fee provides you with a package of services including housekeeping, dining, transportation services, 24-hour response system, maintenance, repairs, snow removal, taxes and landscaping, all utilities except telephone, assigned parking, security and Lifecare. Use of our many amenities, including a beauty salon, indoor heated pool, library, billiard room, woodworking area and more. You will also have access to all programs and activities, including lectures, functions, outings, classes, and fitness classes.

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