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Chefs preparing meat dish

Meet Our Executive Chef

Chef Anthony Napolitano comes from an extensive background in Fairfield County, including the executive dining room at General Electric and Clairol. He has been at Edgehill since 2006. When he is not cooking delectable meals for our residents, Chef Anthony enjoys fishing, gardening, sailing and hiking.

Chef Anthony’s Philosophy

“Keep it simple! Producing delicious meals is actually a simple process. I use fresh, high-quality ingredients and classic techniques in order to yield exceptional products.”

Dishes the Residents Most Enjoy

“Our residents love the basics,” Chef Anthony says. “They love a prime sirloin steak or rack of lamb, but spaghetti and meatballs, meatloaf – real homestyle food – is also popular.”

Anthony Napolitano

Meet Our Director of Food & Beverage

Jay Shankar was trained in hotels all over the world. He has a degree in hotel management from Salzburg, Austria, and a master’s degree from the renowned Johnson & Wales University.

His Philosophy

“I want to exceed expectations, that is the goal. We take pride in everything we do. I tell our team, ‘Your signature is on the plate, so do your best.’”

A Fine Dining Promise

Jay and the food and beverage team are committed to providing an unprecedented dining experience with each meal made-to-order for your unique tastes.

Jay Shankar

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