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Congratulations to Edgehill’s Heart of the Community Award Winner, Jim Duffy!

Jim Duffy has always been quick to help others in need, whether it’s answering questions for a new neighbor at Edgehill or serving food to unhoused individuals at Stamford’s Pacific House. On Tuesday, Nov 28, Mr. Duffy was honored for his lifetime of contributions with Edgehill’s Heart of the Community Award. The award recognizes Duffy for an impressive lifetime of community service and leadership.

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Good Friends Make Great Neighbors!

There is no greater compliment we can receive than when you refer a friend or loved one to Edgehill. We always appreciate you thinking of us when given the opportunity to recommend the Edgehill lifestyle to a friend or family member. As a token of our gratitude, we are offering a referral bonus to residents who do so.

When you make a referral to Edgehill and they move in, you will receive a credit of $10,000 applied to your account.

We would love for you to share your experience with others! To participate in our resident referral program, please contact the Sales & Marketing Team at 203-595-2315.


Call the concierge for a work order at 203-595-2300.

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Schedule transportation to leave Edgehill: 203-595-2325.

Call for pick up back to Edgehill: 203-223-1136.

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