Edgehill Residents Reunite with CLC for Volunteer Reading Program: Spreading Joy and Connection

Pages of Joy Turn Once More: Volunteer readers come back to Children’s Learning Centers of Fairfield County for the first time since 2020
Two seniors reading to a preschooler
April '24

On April 18th, Edgehill residents resumed participation in the volunteer reading program at Children’s Learning Centers of Fairfield County (CLC) after a hiatus due to the pandemic. This initiative, reignites a vibrant partnership and underscores Edgehill’s commitment to supporting our community, specifically early childhood education. Rooted in the power of intergenerational connections, the program aims to enhance children’s academic and social development while providing our residents with a fulfilling engagement opportunity.

Who Loves it More?

“There’s a unique moment for our children when special guests come and focus their attention on storytelling and classroom participation,” said Margo Amgott, CLC’s interim CEO. “But, having observed these moments, I’m not honestly sure who loves it more, our young students or their loving visitors.”

Senior woman reading
Edgehill resident Evelyn S. brings stories to life for the children at CLC.

Residents Bring Storybook Characters to Life

During their first session back since 2020, our residents were elated to engage preschoolers with enchanting stories, bringing characters like wizards, princesses and talking farm animals to life. Beyond storytelling, our volunteers also stayed to play games with the children, fostering moments of joy and connection.

As we witnessed the profound impact of these interactions, we were reminded of the unique bond between our community and CLC. “Edgehill and the CLC have enjoyed a special bond for more than a decade,” remarked Karen Joelson,

Resident Grace B. and Gail S. reading tp children
Residents Grace B. (left) and Gail S. share a story with a class at CLC.

resident and Social Action Committee Chair at Edgehill. “We have missed connecting with the children and are overjoyed to be back in the classroom with them, playing a small but pivotal role in their development.”

Partnership Reflects Edgehill’s Commitment to Community

The return of the volunteer reading program not only symbolizes the resilience of our community but also reflects our unwavering commitment to support the growth and well-being of the children in Stamford. We recognize the importance of staying mentally active and engaged, and we offer a diverse array of activities and programs to stimulate your mind while also giving back and getting involved in the community. From participating in volunteer initiatives, classes, movie screenings, and tours to attending cultural and learning programs like lectures, concerts and museum visits – there’s something for everyone to at Edgehill.

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