Edgehill’s Joan Weisman May Be Retired, But She Hasn’t Stopped Working to Help Others

The Resident Council member says charitable services are good for those who provide them and those who receive them.
Joan Weisman
March '22

Joan Weisman’s philosophy is, “You are not too old to make a difference,” and she embodies that idea with her contributions to both Edgehill and the local community.

Joan moved to Edgehill nine years ago. Always active in the communities where she lived, Joan continued her charitable work when she moved to Edgehill.

She has worked with the Resident Council and headed the Council’s Social Action Committee for many years. The group’s charitable work “is good for us and good for those we provide services to,” she says.

Helping those in the Stamford community.

Social Action Committee members collect and distribute clothes for those who need them and knit hats for the homeless. In addition, they read to nursery school children and help them plant gardens.

The Committee also holds two big fundraisers—or as Joan calls them, “fun-raisers”—each year for the Stamford community.

One fundraiser raises money for cancer patients at Stamford Hospital. The money raised helps with the cost of services not covered by insurance, such as babysitting, transportation and more.

The group has raised approximately $170,000 over the past seven years. An added benefit, Joan says, is the additional attention Edgehill residents get if they must go to the hospital. For instance, the hospital will send them flowers.

“If you do some good, it comes back to you,” she says.

Raising money to fight Alzheimer’s.

The Walk to End Alzheimer’s is the second fundraiser in which the Committee participates. Joan said she encourages new residents to join in, pointing out that dementia and Alzheimer’s should be of special interest to the Edgehill population.

While the walk was brought to Edgehill several years ago, and the committee members threw their support behind it. As a result, each year, the amount of money raised increases.

“We do not set a goal; we say we will do the best we can, and it has worked out well,” Joan says. Over the past seven years, between $20,000 and $43,000 has been raised each year.

“I am proud of what we are doing,” Joan says. “We are trying to do a little good and feel good about it.”