Philadelphia Flyers Hockey Team ‘Signs’ Proud Grandma After Viral Tweet

Grandma Marge was proud to wear her grandson's newest team colors.
Marge Robben
September '21

When the Philadelphia Flyers hockey team signed Cam Atkinson, they had no idea his 87-year-old grandmother would also be joining the team.

Margaret “Marge” Robben has cheered for her grandson since his National Hockey League (NHL) career began.

“He played for the Blue Jackets of Columbus, Ohio for ten years,” the proud grandma, who lives in a Stamford, Connecticut retirement community, told TODAY Parents. “He was one of their top players.”

Atkinson, who was recently traded to the Flyers, visited Robben in August and gave her a special gift.

“He said ‘Grandma, I have a present for you. This is my first jersey for the Philadelphia Flyers, I’ve signed it for you, and I want to give it to you’,” Robben said.

Robben, who has 14 grandchildren, wanted to do something special to thank her grandson for the gift.

“What I wanted to do for Cam was to take a selfie, which I did when I got home, and I sent it to him, but in the selfie I couldn’t get a picture with Atkinson on it, because it was on the back,” Robben said. “So I turned the shirt around. I reversed it and put Atkinson on the front.”

Atkinson couldn’t resist sharing the photo of Robben alongside a sweet caption honoring his new team colors.

“My grandma Marge looks good in,” Atkinson wrote adding black and orange emojis.

The response was overwhelming.

“He put it on the website and I got 2,500 responses,” Robben said.

Flyers fans were quick to support their newest team member.

“Grandma marge better be at the parade,” one user wrote.

Another chimed in, “Now the Flyers need to win the cup for Grandma Marge!”

One fan even created a line of ‘Grandma Marge’ merchandise.

Robben told TODAY that she uses social media to keep up with her family.

“When you’re 87 and you have these grandchildren, you want to be part of life with them,” she said, adding she has Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok accounts. “The only way to do that is to go where they’re going.”

On October 15th, Robben will join Atkinson in Philadelphia for opening night, where there have been talks about her making a special appearance on the ice with the team’s mascot, Gritty.

“Our whole family will be down there for their first game,” she said. “I’m so excited.”

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