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A Welcoming Community With Solid Academic Opportunities

Why Greenwich’s Bea and Peter Crumbine chose to retire at Edgehill.

Bea and Peter Crumbine

Peter Crumbine believes there are usually three steps to lifetime home ownership. First, you buy a big house to raise your family. Second, you retire and downsize to a smaller home. Third, you move to a senior living community.

“We skipped that second step and moved right to Edgehill,” said Peter Crumbine. “We are happy we did it all at once.”

Enjoying solid academic opportunities.

Peter and Bea Crumbine, who made the move to Stamford’s Edgehill in August, are finding enjoyment in the “mind-stretching activities” for which the community is known.

“It is quite lovely to find the academic opportunities are so solid,” said Bea Crumbine. “Edgehill recognizes its residents have very active minds and have had very active social, cultural, business and political lives in the Greenwich area.”

Fellow resident Tom Niles, a former U.S. Ambassador to the EU and Canada, gives weekly lectures on international current events. The Crumbines have also enjoyed a private community performance by the Chamber Players of the Greenwich Symphony and have had access to discussions on art, films and visiting authors, as well as opportunities to meet government leaders and local political candidates.

Still connected to Greenwich.

Leaving a beloved hometown is never an easy decision, especially for a couple as well established as the Crumbines are in Greenwich. Bea is the official ambassador-at-large of the town, which recently named September 19th Bea Crumbine Day. Peter served as a Greenwich selectman for 10 years.

“Our hearts are still in Greenwich,” said Peter.

Still, their decision to move to Edgehill required little deliberation. The couple knew they would find their beloved community alive and well at Edgehill, where so many Greenwich residents have chosen to spend their retirement.

“We are finding it wonderful. It is a big change in life, but this is a very welcoming community,” Bea said. “It was lovely to stay within an area where we knew we would have many Greenwich friends.”

Personal attention and care are always available.

Edgehill’s renowned personal care and attentiveness to its residents was also a draw for the couple, who value their independence but feel comforted knowing care is available if or when needed. Peter has neuromuscular issues that require medication and a scooter to get around.

“They work very hard to ensure their residents feel cared for and at home,” said Bea. “You have extra care available, but you are still very independent.”

Edgehill offers Lifecare, which provides access to a continuum of care with on-site assisted living, memory care, sub-acute rehabilitation and skilled nursing at a predictable monthly rate for life.

“With the rising costs of long-term healthcare, this plan offers peace of mind for the future because if you ever need care, you will always know what you will pay and who will provide it,” said Elizabeth Dupree, Director of Sales and Marketing for the community.

For couples, Lifecare is an even greater benefit because if one partner’s needs change, they still pay the same monthly fee.

The Crumbines are excited to embrace their next step in life at Edgehill and look forward to more of their Greenwich peers joining them to experience the fulfilling lifestyle the community offers.

“We were very motivated, and now we have made a critical decision that is really going to make the rest of our lives much easier,” said Bea. “We know so many people who would find this of benefit.”

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