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Choosing A Rehabilitative Community

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If you or a loved one have recently suffered an injury or had a hospital stay, you may benefit from the services provided in a sub-acute rehabilitation community. What factors should you consider in choosing a community that will fit your needs?

Overall environment

The location of the community you choose is important, since friends and family likely will want to visit you or your loved one during your rehabilitative stay. In addition, consider the appearance and overall feel of communities you review. Is the community clean and orderly? Does the environment feel welcoming?

Although sub-acute rehabilitative stays are temporary, you or your family member may spend significant time in the community before regaining health. Consider whether the community is somewhere you’d want to call home, albeit temporarily.

Quality of care

The primary reason for a rehabilitative stay is recovery following an illness, accident or surgery. Before choosing a community, consider the many factors that go into evaluating the quality of care provided.

Along with visiting in person, you’ll want to ask questions, including:

  • What are staffing levels, and how do they compare to state requirements?
  • What is the level of staff turnover, and how does it compare to other communities in the area?
  • What measures are in place to provide for the safety and comfort of residents?
  • Does the medical team work with you to create a personalized care plan?
  • What types of supplemental therapies — such as physical, occupational and speech — does the community provide?

Services offered

In addition to rehabilitative medical care, what supplemental services are offered? If you or your family member have just completed a hospital stay or had surgery, you likely will require assistance with dressing, bathing and other daily activities, and you’ll want to know how and when you will receive such assistance in the community.

You also may want to ask for information about the types of activities provided, including opportunities for engaging with other people. If you or your relative wish to attend religious services, you may want to inquire about whether services are offered and, if so, how frequently.

The quality and variety of foods offered through dining programs vary among communities. Be sure to ask about details of the dining program, including the availability of a dietician to work with you on a personalized plan, along with the types of meals offered.


If you are able to visit a community prior to your stay, ask to see a guest room. What types of furnishings are available, and can you bring personal items from home? Does the guest room feel warm and inviting? Does it have everything you will need to feel comfortable? Does the room have adequate privacy and security features?

Note the distance of guest rooms from amenities in the community that you may want to use, including a fitness center and activities spaces. If you plan to use a computer, tablet or smartphone during your stay, ask about the availability of WiFi.

Choose the right community for you

Following a hospital stay for surgery or an illness, the right sub-acute rehabilitation community can help you recover and get back to your independent lifestyle. Choosing a community can be challenging, but by asking the right questions you can gather the information you need to make an informed decision. To schedule a visit to Edgehill, please contact us.

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