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Holistic Wellness for Seniors

holistic wellness for seniors

What does wellness mean to you?

Wellness can encompass the whole person — the social, the physical and the spiritual. Each of these wellness dimensions plays a significant role in preserving and promoting personal well-being.

At Edgehill, a continuing care retirement community in Stamford, CT associates strive to offer residents a mix of engaging activities that support all aspects of wellness.

Connecting with Others

Social wellness promotes meaningful interaction with others, along with harmonious relationships with friends and family members. Many categories of activities can encourage social wellness through spending time with other people and focusing on shared interests.

Edgehill supports residents’ social wellness with a full calendar of activities to appeal to different tastes and preferences. Shopping trips, current events discussions, trips to the symphony and ballet, art and language classes, bridge games, movie nights, musical performances, poker nights are among the activities designed to enhance social wellness.

For many residents, arts and crafts pursuits — including table centerpiece workshops, mixed media art classes and iPad learning sessions — provide a means for developing relationships. For others, joining the Friendship Table in the dining room helps break the ice for socializing.

Keeping the Body Strong and Healthy

A range of healthy behaviors can help promote physical wellness. From daily exercise to proper nutrition, sufficient rest, and recognizing symptoms of illness, the activities that support physical wellness help keep the body functioning at the highest possible level.

For most people, ideas about wellness center on physical health, and for good reason: having a healthy body plays an essential role in overall wellness. By engaging in regular physical activity, paying attention to the foods and beverages we consume, and restoring our bodies through proper rest and sleep, we lay the groundwork for maintaining independence and decreasing the risks of chronic diseases.

Edgehill offers a variety of activities designed to promote physical wellness. Exercise classes include stretching and toning, cardio workouts, tai chi, chair Pilates and yoga, and water exercise. Edgehill even offers a Meet the Doctor series of lectures.

Seeking Purpose in Life

Spiritual wellness focuses on the search for meaning in daily life through practices such as meditation, prayer and connecting with nature.

Spirituality also refers to the development of an inner life, which individuals can foster through practicing forgiveness, compassion and gratitude. For many people, engaging in a faith-based practice supports spiritual wellness through developing guiding beliefs and values that provide direction in life.

At Edgehill, residents take part in a number of scheduled activities to help develop spiritual wellness. A number of spiritual and religious programs are hosted at Edgehill, along with special events for Christmas, Hanukkah and other religious holidays. Non-denominational services and transportation to local houses of worship are also offered.

To learn more about the many ways Edgehill encourages holistic wellness — including spiritual, physical and social — please contact us.

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