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Inspiring Active Living: Sam Samaha’s Journey at Edgehill

At 97, Sam shares his zest for life.
Sam Samaha

A Life of Activity and Engagement

If you’re going to keep up with Edgehill resident Sam Samaha, you’d better have your sneakers on. Sam, a spirited 97-year-old, makes frequent subway trips to New York City for shows and exhibits, swims three times a week at the indoor pool, walks the grounds, takes in lectures at the community, has dinner with friends nightly and does his best to keep up with emerging technologies.

He shares, “You can get involved as much as you want. If you really want to be involved, we have a nice group of people here and we motivate each other to stay active.” Edgehill’s activities and programs provide a wide range of options to support and enhance the active and independent lifestyles of residents like Sam.

Community Involvement

Sam actively contributes to Edgehill’s community. He serves on the Welcome Committee, which is a group of dedicated residents and associates who help new members acclimate to our community. They assist newcomers in making friends and introduce them to various activities and programs. Sam is also working on launching a resident website. His involvement fosters a supportive environment where residents inspire each other to remain engaged and active.

Embracing Change and Looking Forward

Sam moved to Edgehill with his wife so that she could have care and support as her memory declined. Since her passing in August of 2023, Sam has kept as busy as ever and doesn’t plan on slowing down.  He says “I would like to be 110. There’s no reason not to! I go my cardiologist every six months only because she makes me come in every six months.”

In between those visits, he hopes to squeeze in a trip to France to spend time with a niece. The Samaha family lived in South America when Sam was a young professional, but he hasn’t spent much time in Europe and is eager to explore more of the world. He’s also very much looking forward to the evolution of artificial intelligence in the coming years. “I’ve been reading a lot about it, particularly in medicine. I visualize the doctor will have a little box there and instead of waiting two or three days for my blood analysis, it’s going to be right there. It’s going to be exciting.”

Family and Connections

Family plays a pivotal role in Sam’s happiness and vitality. With four children, nine grandchildren and one great-grandchild, he sees his family every weekend. Every summer, they go to a cabin in Old Lyme that they’ve had for generations. That quality time sustains him—yet whenever he leaves Edgehill, he can’t wait to get home. “Between the family that I have and the family I have here, you can’t lose.”

Sam Samaha’s journey at Edgehill illustrates the power of active living, community engagement and familial connections in enriching senior life. His story inspires residents and caregivers alike to embrace each day with enthusiasm and purpose.

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