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Making A Move To Senior Living

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When is the right time to move to senior living?

Whether you’re considering a senior living community for yourself or a loved one, the decision is highly personal and depends on a number of factors. As your parents or other family members age, you may have the responsibility for initiating a talk with them about future living options.

To make the right choice at the right time, consider the following signs that a move will be beneficial, along with tips for starting a conversation with your family member.

Recognizing the Need for a Move

Consider a move to a senior living community if your or your loved one experience challenges with typical daily activities. For example, tasks like bathing, dressing, cooking and eating meals, using the bathroom, and moving around freely all are important for safe, healthy functioning each day.

In addition, if you or your relative has trouble with household tasks like driving to doctors appointments and the grocery store, cleaning and maintaining your home, and managing your finances, it may be time to consider the supportive environment of a senior community.

Think about how your health or the health of your family member may have changed recently. Have there been trips to the emergency room or more-frequent visits to the doctor? Have factors like muscle strength, appetite, mood or pain levels changed? If you notice any troubling symptoms, be sure to consult a medical professional.

Initiating a Conversation

If you believe a move to senior living would benefit your parent or other loved one, have a plan in mind before beginning a conversation. By considering what you’d like to say, you can be ready if your loved one brings up the topic.

Starting to talk about a move as early as possible is better than waiting for a serious health event that makes a move imminent. If you begin to notice small changes in your loved one’s health or ability to attend to daily needs, use the opportunity to gauge feelings about a move to senior living.

Approach the issue respectfully, and communicate that you have your loved one’s best interests at heart. Once your family member understands that you want to make sure their wishes are respected, they may feel relief at starting the process of a move.

By paying attention to the signs that you or a loved one are ready for senior living and beginning a conversation about your family member’s preferences, you can make informed decisions about the best possible living environment.

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