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Senior Living Trends: Why Luxurious Independent Living Communities Are Booming

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With an increasing number of baby boomers looking for post-retirement housing options, industry experts are noting an uptick in luxury trends in independent living communities.

Boomers — who tend to have more-refined and expensive tastes than their frugal parents and grandparents — are more willing than previous generations to spend on services and amenities that make life enjoyable. As a result, a wide variety of options have begun to appear in independent living.

Many people who choose to make a move to an independent living community do so for the peace of mind that comes from having additional care available when needed. However, boomers are not willing to sacrifice luxury living as they age.

What are some of the top areas in which today’s seniors increasingly expect luxurious offerings?

A Wide Range of Amenities and Services

Boomers expect an array of services and amenities to help them continue to thrive as they age. From spacious floor plans to recreation and card rooms, pubs, and fitness centers with heated indoor pools and hot tubs, luxury communities offer well-designed, tasteful spaces for residents to enjoy.

Some luxury communities offer services including banking, beauty salons and barbershops. Technology charging stations and Wi-Fi have become important, and libraries and gift shops that allow residents to take advantage of a variety of conveniences without having to leave home are the new norm. In addition, services like housekeeping, transportation and maintenance free up residents’ time to enjoy a round of golf, travel, spend a night at the symphony, or simply relax.

Fine Dining

Dining in senior living communities has come a long way in recent years, and it continues to evolve. Individuals moving into senior living today expect luxurious touches like multiple dining venues with a wide variety of choices. For instance, residents might enjoy lunch in a casual grill setting or a more-elaborate dinner in an elegant dining room.

Attractive Locations

Many boomers are well-traveled, and they expect their independent living communities to have status as desirable destinations. Communities near major cities with vibrant arts communities, shopping, beaches, dining, yacht clubs and other attractions gain an edge among today’s well-heeled seniors.

Exceptional Health Care

Individuals who move to a senior living community can feel confident that health care services are available when they need them. In luxury communities, residents have an expectation of superior rehabilitation and health care services that incorporate the latest medical technologies and highly trained, caring staff members.

Luxury Demand Continues to Increase

Industry experts in senior housing see no end in sight to the high-end trend in independent living, and they note that baby boomers are willing to pay more to live luxuriously in retirement. Whether in dining, health care services or amenities, quality always sells.

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