The 6 Luxuries of Independent Living at Edgehill

You have lived a fulfilling life and have reached retirement. While this may be a new stage, it does not have to be any different—it should be a continuation of what you love. Now is the time to discover.

The 6 Luxuries of Independent Living

You are worldly, having traveled both near and far. When it comes to retirement living, never settle for a community that does not match your sophisticated and unique lifestyle.

Located in Stamford, Connecticut, Edgehill offers the perfect blend of scenery and city. Enjoy fresh air while strolling along Stamford’s 19 miles of picturesque shoreline, or head downtown, where you can choose among 130 shops and more than 150 restaurants. Longing for the Big Apple? You are never more than a short train or car ride away.

Coastal area in Connecticut

You cherish family and its ties to where you live. To be truly happy in retirement living, you should select a community that shares your values.

At Edgehill, we are known for our tradition of excellence and premier approach to senior living. At the center of everything we do is you—your passions, your dreams, your hobbies, your family, your memories and your life.

We are located on the former Singer Sewing Machine family estate and, much like you, we value and strive to preserve history. Our property is graced by hundreds-of-years-old oak and copper beech trees meticulously maintained by a professional arborist.

Grandmother and granddaughter blowing bubbles

With your seasoned palate, meals are about much more than dining—they are a culinary experience where taste, choice and variety are always on the menu! You deserve meals that are freshly sourced, thoughtfully prepared and tastefully presented.

At Edgehill, Executive Chef Anthony Napolitano and Director of Food & Beverage Jay Shankar offer a culinary experience second to none. Whether you choose formal or casual dining, each experience is made to order to satisfy your unique tastes. If you prefer a night in, we can deliver your meal—catered to your specifications—right to your door.

Senior couple having meal

One of the many luxuries of retirement is having the flexibility to make your own schedule. Whether you like to be booked solid or leave your schedule open ended, you have the freedom to arrange your favorite pastimes throughout the week.

With Edgehill’s robust calendar of daily programs and activities, you can easily fulfill your wants and needs. You are also bound to discover an entirely new hobby! From yoga and water aerobics to cocktail parties and games, there are plenty of options from which to choose to keep you satisfied.

Seniors in water aerobics class

You have lived an exceptional life with experiences beyond imagination. You have traveled the world, read extensively and experienced many things life has to offer. Now, in retirement, you should continue to live your life your way. Maintain great expectations, set high standards and refuse to make sacrifices.

At Edgehill, we strive to provide an unparalleled experience all around. This is why we offer the distinctive amenities to which you are accustomed. Our grounds boast a beauty salon & barber shop, a billiards room, a fitness center, a heated pool with jacuzzi, a koi pond, a library, a movie room, a recreation room and more. These are all conveniences you will not find elsewhere. Plus, we know that one size most certainly does not fit all, which is why we offer 17 unique floor plans for our residents.

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ou have always been a planner, which is how you landed where you are today. Even while enjoying retirement, you want to be prepared for the future and the “what ifs.”

Edgehill offers Lifecare, which gives you access to a complete continuum of care on premises: Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Sub-Acute Rehabilitation and Long-Term Skilled Nursing. Should your future care needs change, you will have a plan in place—all at more predictable costs.

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Now is the time to maximize your retirement! You can enjoy all of the aforementioned luxuries at Edgehill, where life meets style.

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