At Edgehill, we offer a robust calendar of programs and activities every day.

Swimming, fine dining, socializing, the arts: we have in-person and virtual programs and activities designed to keep you as active and engaged as you would like. You can do all the things you already love to do or maybe find a new favorite pastime!

Not only do we have a full slate of activities at Edgehill, but our proximity to New York and New Haven also opens up a whole world of possibilities. You decide what to do; we will help make it happen.

Whatever your style, Edgehill offers a program for you.

There is always something available to engage and stimulate you, whether you want a solo experience or to participate in a group activity.

  • fitness-dumbbell-lift
    Fit Style

    Get physical by participating in fitness activities held every day at Edgehill.

    • Walking
    • Water Aerobics
    • Fitness Classes
    • Yoga
    • Guided Meditation
    • Chair Pilates
    • Senior Stretch
    • Arthritis Mobility
    women walking
  • book-close
    Education Style

    Stimulate your mind with a wide range of cultural and learning programs.

    • Lectures
    • Concerts
    • Museums
    • Classes
    • Movies
    • Tours
    • TED Talks
    • Virtual Reading & Discussion Group
    man reading his tablet
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    Social Style

    Engage with others by participating in activities with friends and neighbors.

    • Cocktail Parties & Luncheons
    • Tours
    • Pop-Up Markets
    • Clubs
    • Committees
    • Games
    friends meeting outside for a drink

A sample of some of our residents’ favorite activities.

  • water exercise class


  • hands on keyboard

    Tech Classes

  • blue weight on an exercise mat


  • women exercise walking

    Walking Outdoors

  • Art

  • couple dancing


Meet our Lifestyle Director 

Mary Camilli-Bernat oversees all the lifestyle activities at Edgehill. She started her career working on Wall Street but later earned a Master of Social Work. She found she loved working with the senior population, which is what brought her to Edgehill. “I always found myself gravitating toward the seniors,” she said. “I love their viewpoint on life, their wisdom and their attitude.”


Her Favorite Part of the Job

“When we put on an event or sponsor a program and one of the residents that I see in the community thanks me for having done it. The happy looks on their faces is why we come into work every day,” she said. “Whenever we can give them a joyful experience, it is our pleasure to do so."

Edgehill employee

Want to see Edgehill Residents in action?