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How Sensory Stimulation Can Help Those with Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia

Dementia impacts brain function, and while Alzheimer’s disease is the leading cause of the condition, there are other types, such as Lewy body and vascular dementia. Regardless of the type, dementia affects a person’s cognitive abilities, such as memory, thinking and social skills. Edgehill offers Mind & Memory Care, which keeps the unique needs of […]

A Look at Benchmark’s Approach to Alzheimer’s Care

According to the CDC, about 5.8 million Americans 65 and older have Alzheimer’s disease. This blog describes what Alzheimer’s disease is and provides an overview of Benchmark Senior Living’s Mind & Memory Care program and what Alzheimer’s disease care looks like in our communities. Alzheimer’s vs. Dementia Alzheimer’s disease and dementia are often used interchangeably in […]

How to Catch the Early Signs of Dementia and Alzheimer’s

Dementia is an overarching term used to describe symptoms of conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia, Lewy body dementia and other types. These diseases cause changes in the brain that can affect emotions, visual perception, thinking, language and problem-solving. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), occasionally misplacing keys, struggling to […]

Staying Healthy As A Family Caregiver

When loved ones become ill or disabled, family caregivers often step in to attend to a variety of tasks. From personal care to shopping, cooking, and driving to medical appointments, the requirements of caregiving can take significant time and resources. If you’re providing care for a spouse or other family member, be sure to take […]

Caregivers Dealing With Holiday Stress

For many people, the holiday season serves as a recurring source of stress. The frenzy of decorating, buying gifts, cooking and preparing the house for visitors leaves many would-be revelers eager for January to arrive. For individuals who care for loved ones or friends, the holiday season can ratchet up the stress level even higher. […]

Choosing A Rehabilitative Community

If you or a loved one have recently suffered an injury or had a hospital stay, you may benefit from the services provided in a sub-acute rehabilitation community. What factors should you consider in choosing a community that will fit your needs? Overall environment The location of the community you choose is important, since friends and […]

What is Included In The Cost Of Senior Living Communities?

It is easy to look at the cost of senior living communities and get caught up in sticker shock. You may even rule out certain options right away, thinking, “Mom could never afford that!” But you have to think of a senior living community in two parts: It is a place to live, and It […]

How To Compare Senior Care Costs

If you’ve read our other posts on how to pay for assisted living (or if you’ve just started looking into paying for senior care yourself), you know that it’s a complicated process. Assessing, preparing for and financing the costs of senior care isn’t always easy. And even when you have a firm grasp on pricing models and […]

What Is A Personalized Approach To Skilled Care?

In our welcoming, newly redesigned skilled nursing at Edgehill, you or your family member will benefit from a personalized approach to your sub-acute rehabilitative care. What does our personalized approach entail? A dedicated mission and philosophy When you join us for a stay at Edgehill, you should expect the unexpected. Our exceptional care and high level […]

How Our Boutique Care Benefits Your Recovery

When you choose Edgehill for a rehabilitative stay for yourself or a loved one, you benefit from a variety of amenities and exceptional care. In a modern, spa-like setting, you’ll receive personalized attention from our care team as you enjoy your elegantly appointed, private guest room. What is Edgehill’s approach to rehabilitative care, and how does it […]