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Comparing Costs of Senior Care Options

If you’ve read our other posts on how to pay for assisted living (or if you’ve just started looking into paying for senior care yourself), you know that it’s a complicated process. Assessing, preparing for and financing the costs of senior care isn’t always easy. And even when you have a firm grasp on pricing models and […]

What Is A Personalized Approach To Skilled Nursing Care?

In our welcoming, newly redesigned skilled nursing at Edgehill, you or your family member will benefit from a personalized approach to your sub-acute rehabilitative care. What does our personalized approach entail? A dedicated mission and philosophy When you join us for a stay at Edgehill, you should expect the unexpected. Our exceptional care and high level […]

Edgehill: Where Rehabilitation Meets Luxury and Compassion

When you choose Edgehill for a rehabilitative stay for yourself or a loved one, you benefit from a variety of amenities and exceptional care. In a modern, spa-like setting, you’ll receive personalized attention from our care team as you enjoy your elegantly appointed, private guest room. What is Edgehill’s approach to rehabilitative care, and how does it […]

The Key to Healthy Aging: Unlocking the Benefits of Good Sleep

As we age, making sleep a priority becomes increasingly important for maintaining overall health and well-being. Quality sleep benefits not only rejuvenating the body and mind but also plays a crucial role in countering the effects of diseases and illnesses that commonly affect us as we age. Experts say adults need between seven and nine […]

Parkinson’s and the Benefits Of Having A Support Group

If you or a loved one have received a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease, you may wonder what to expect and where you can get help. Understanding basic information about Parkinson’s, the benefits of a having a support group and how to find one to help you relieve stress and cope with each phase of the […]