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Nutrition Tips for Seniors

You probably know that you can find the healthiest foods around the perimeter of your local grocery store. By shopping the edges, nutrition experts tell us, you can focus your diet on vegetables and fruits, along with low-fat dairy products and lean meats. But, as you age, you may find it necessary to adjust and […]

Anti-Inflammatory Foods May Help You Age Well

Anti-inflammatory diets have become all the rage in recent years. New research has found that a food group previously left out of these diets – dairy – may help fight inflammation and promote healthy aging. What should you know about the effects of inflammation and how can you incorporate more anti-inflammatory foods, including certain dairy products, into […]

Considering Yoga? Don’t Be Afraid To Join In

If you follow social media, all the photos of people doing handstands and contorting their bodies can make yoga seem intimidating. However, this ancient form of physical activity offers something for nearly everyone, and you can start at any level of ability. At Edgehill, you’ll find multiple opportunities to enjoy an energetic lifestyle, including joining […]

The Key to Healthy Aging: Unlocking the Benefits of Good Sleep

As we age, making sleep a priority becomes increasingly important for maintaining overall health and well-being. Quality sleep benefits not only rejuvenating the body and mind but also plays a crucial role in countering the effects of diseases and illnesses that commonly affect us as we age. Experts say adults need between seven and nine […]

Holistic Wellness for Seniors

What does wellness mean to you? Wellness can encompass the whole person — the social, the physical and the spiritual. Each of these wellness dimensions plays a significant role in preserving and promoting personal well-being. At Edgehill, a continuing care retirement community in Stamford, CT associates strive to offer residents a mix of engaging activities […]

New Year’s Resolutions For Seniors to Maintain or Improve on Fitness

As winter’s chill descends, many people give in to the urge to huddle by the fire — and put off their fitness routines until spring. Maintaining fitness can play a significant role in overall health for senior adults. From improving energy to controlling weight and managing pain, regular exercise provides a variety of benefits. Consider incorporating […]

Healthy Holiday Eating For Seniors

The holidays are a time for joyous reunions with loved ones, attending parties and celebrations, and partaking of delicious food. For many older adults, staying committed to healthy eating can be a challenge through the special events of the fall and winter. How can seniors and their caregivers focus on nutritious meals while fully enjoying […]